Drink Clove Water Every Day to Reduce Belly Fat, Know How to Make It

Mumbai : Apart from increasing the test of food, cloves are also very effective in colds. It helps in removing cold phlegm, which provides relief. But do you know cloves also reduce increased fat. Cloves have anticholesteric and anti lipid properties. When clove water is mixed with three things and drunk daily in the morning, it reduces obesity. Not only this, cloves are also helpful in reducing stress. Apart from this, it also keeps blood sugar levels under control in the body. Learn how to make effective clove drink and how to consume it to reduce body fat.

Ingredients to Make Clove Water –
Clove 50 grams
Cinnamon 50 grams
Cumin 50 grams

Method of Preparation-
First of all, place a pan on low flame on the gas. As soon as the pan is hot, put cloves, cinnamon and cumin together in the pan. Roast these three things together until they start smelling. When the scent starts coming, turn off the gas. Now to make powder of all three, put it in a mixer jar and grind it. Store this powder in an airtight jar.

How to Consume
Drink this mixture on an empty stomach in the morning. To drink it, first heat a glass of water on the gas and put one spoon of this powder in it. When it cools down, add one spoon of honey to it. Mix it well and drink it.

Other Benefits of Cloves

Helps to Get Relief in Toothache
This often happens when a sudden toothache begins, it becomes really unbearable and if you do not have any toothache medicine, then you can press a clove close to that tooth and it will give relief from your pain.

Effective in Stomach-Ache
If there are problems in your stomach such as gas, then if you eat 1 clove, it can give you relief. Or just say that your stomach ache or acidity will heal in a pinch.

Sore Throat
People often complain of sore throats in cold weather. Clove can solve your problem in a while.

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