Bakrid Special : Celebrate Bakrid With These Beautiful & Easy Mehndi Designs, See Photos & Video

Richa Pandya

Mumbai : The festival of Bakrid is near and as we know this year due to the coronavirus epidemic, people are celebrating festivals staying at home by following social distancing. But everyone likes to be dressed traditionally and you can still celebrate this festival while staying at home. It is a traditional practice to apply mehndi in any festival and in the Muslim community, mehndi is considered very auspicious.

Like every festival, women in Bakrid also apply henna on their hands on this special festival, which reminds of how Prophet Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his only son at the behest of Allah. Mehndi is not just for enhancing the beauty of hands and feet, their luck also brings prosperity and prosperity. Bakrid is also called Eid-ul-Azha. The festival of Bakrid celebrated after Eid al-Fitr, it has great importance in the religion of Islam. This year the festival of Bakrid will start from 31 July and will end on the evening of 1 August.

Bakrid, which is celebrated around 70 days after the end of the month of Ramzam, is mainly celebrated as a festival of sacrifice. On this day in Islam, the tradition of offering sacrifices in the name of Allah is practiced. On this day, the people of the Muslim community offer goat sacrifices in the worship of Allah after performing the Namaz. This festival is also known as ‘festival of sacrifice’.

On this special occasion, women and girls can see these simple images and videos for Mehndi designs. If you want to apply easy and some different Mehndi designs, then here we have brought some tutorials and images for you.

You can try this beautiful mehndi design on your whole hands on Bakrid –

This beautiful mehndi design with rose pattern is very easy to make… definitely try –

You can try this latest and attractive design on the upper part of your palm –

You can try these different designs to make the fingers attractive –

If you like floral designs, then this beautiful mehndi design is for you –

To create easy mehndi designs on the palm and its upper part, see this video –

Simple back hand design –

Easy Finger Mehndi Design –

Wrist mehndi designs –

Foot mehndi design –

Straight hand mehndi design –

Special henna design video tutorial for Bakrid –

Let us also tell you that the pattern is slightly different in Arabic mehndi designs as compared to the rest of the mehndi designs, also it takes less time to apply and such design dries quickly. If you want the color of mehndi to be darker, then with the help of these 7 tricks and tips, you can deepen the color of your mehndi. One of the best tricks is to apply a mixture of lemon and sugar on the henna after it has dried and do not wash your hands immediately after removing the mehndi. Apart from this, you can also apply fragrant / coconut oil in your hands.

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