Cheapest Corona Medicine Will Be Available Soon in India ! One Tablet Will Cost Only Rs 59

New Delhi: Coronavirus epidemic has spread all over the world. Now the cheapest medicine for this disease has also been made. A pharmaceutical company has also got permission to bring it into the market. The drug company has received permission from the Drugs Controller of India (DCGI) to bring this drug into the market. One tablet of this medicine will be available for just Rs. 59. The name of this medicine is Faviton. It is made by Brinton Pharmaceuticals. The company claims that it is an antiviral drug that will help corona patients in fighting the coronavirus. This drug is also sold in the market by the name of Favipiravir.

The medicine will not be sold for more than 59 rupees
According to the news, Brinton Pharma has said that Faviton will come in a 200 mg tablet. A tablet will cost Rs 59. This price will be the maximum retail price. This medicine will not be sold at a higher price. Brenton Pharma CMD Rahul Kumar Darda said that we want this medicine to be given to every corona patient in the country. We will deliver it to every COVID Center. The price of our medicine is also fixed. It is a cheap medicine. The company has said that at this time everyone needs Favipiravir medicine. This drug is best for those patients who have mild or moderate infection of corona.

Permission to bring the drug to market
Favipiravir in India was approved by DCGI in June in view of the emergency situation of coronavirus. Now permission has been given to bring it to the market. Brinton Pharma is making a drug called Avigan with Japan’s Fujifilm Toyoma Chemical Company. This drug is a generic version of Faviton.

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