Schools Will Not Be Allowed to Take Fees Until It Re-Opens, Gujarat Government Issues Notification

Gandhinagar : The coronavirus in the country continues to wreak havoc. New cases of coronavirus are coming out every day. At the same time schools are closed due to lockdown amidst increasing cases of coronavirus. In such a situation, after the order of the Gujarat High Court, the Gujarat government has taken a big decision and relieved the parents from paying the school fees.

Gujarat government has given relief to the parents by issuing notifications. According to the notification of the Gujarat government, until the schools start, schools cannot take fees from the parents. On the other hand, if pressure is made for fees from the school, then the District Education Officer will take action on them.

It has been said in the notification that the parents who have deposited the school fees of the children, they should be refunded the fees. However, private schools in Gujarat have come down in protest against this decision of the Gujarat government. The Private School Board of Gujarat has refused to offer online classes from now on.

What is the matter?
Actually, schools are currently closed due to Coronavirus. In such a situation, despite the non-commencement of school, many schools were charging fees from parents. PIL was filed in this case. After the PIL, the Gujarat High Court had ordered the Gujarat government. After which the Government of Gujarat has issued a notification in this matter.

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