Pune district administration thinking to enforce lockdown on saturday-sunday

Pune: With a few hours left to end second phase of lockdown in Pune on July 23, the Pune district collector Naval Kishore Ram told that Pune may get two days of lockdown in a week, i.e on Saturday and Sunday to curb novel coronavirus disease. Also the district administration are in no plan to extend the ongoing lockdown further beyond July 23.
He added that administration is thinking to enforce some restrictions on Saturday and Sunday, though it’s not final yet. However there will be certain restrictions in place in the city to check the spread of coronavirus.

Pune district has recorded more than 50,000 cases of coronavirus so far. The district collector asserted that the testings were doubled in Pune district during the lockdown
“There is unanimous decision to not extend the lockdown after July 23. However, in the coming days, we will be enforcing some measures to reduce crowding in the city. We are checking if some sort of measures can be undertaken on weekends to avoid crowding on the roads. We are seeing how can we control crowding during weddings and other ceremonies,” he added.
Meanwhile, the Federation of Trade Associations of Pune (FTAP), has warned that it will hold a protest if the administration extends the lockdown in the district beyond July 23.
So far, Pune district has recorded more than 50,000 cases of coronavirus and over 1,300 deaths due to the highly-infectious disease. The total number of COVID-19 cases in the district jumped to 51,885 on Monday with 473 more people testing positive for the disease.

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