Even If We Get the Vaccine, Will the Fear of Corona Be Completely Eradicated?

New Delhi : After the results of the trial of the coronavirus vaccine of Oxford University, a ray of hope has arisen among the people. This vaccine has proved to be safe and effective in trials. In addition to Oxford, China’s vaccine has also reached the third clinical trial. However, one cannot rely solely on this vaccine to defeat Corona. Scientists also say that many challenges are yet to be overcome regarding this vaccine.

Scientists are currently assuming about the vaccine that it can only reduce the severity of the disease. Which means that people will be less likely to die due to coronavirus.

Researchers say the experimental coronavirus vaccine at Oxford University is safe and has developed strong immune response in about 1,000 volunteers. This has raised hopes that this vaccine can reduce the devastation caused by the corona.

It would not be wrong to call these trial results a major achievement in the process of vaccine manufacture, but it is too early to say that this vaccine can prevent infection completely. This vaccine still has to overcome many kinds of difficulties.

Oxford University’s next step is to conduct large-scale trials in areas with high infection rates, such as Brazil and South Africa. This will make it easier to find out if people who are vaccinated will be less likely to get coronavirus infection than others.

The study’s lead author, Professor Andrew Pollard, described the Oxford results as a milestone, saying, “The problem is that we don’t know at what level this vaccine would need to be given to protect against invasive viruses and we will need to do more clinical trials.

On the possibility of the vaccine being effective, Dr. Carlos Del Rio, executive associate dean of ‘Emory University School of Medicine’ in Atlanta, said, “If we are building an aircraft, then we understand that we are at its production level right now.” Now it can only be said that this aircraft can land you on safe ground. But the question is whether it can take me to Paris from here.’

He said that till now we have moved ahead with extraordinary speed in the search for vaccines. Typically, testing of a vaccine and several different stages of a trial takes up to a decade to complete. But it is the result of this sudden epidemic that has killed more than 6,00,000 people, that dozens of vaccine candidates are in clinical trials worldwide.

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