Do You Always Feel Tired & Lazy? Then This is  Must Read For You

Mumbai : If you feel tired throughout the day and feel that you do not have the energy to work, there is a need to take some easy steps as suggested by the health experts so that you will feel fresh throughout the day.

Add This to the Daily Routine :

Drink plenty of water – You may feel tired even when there is a lack of water in the body, so drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

Exercise – Exercise, yoga or walk after waking up in the morning. This will not make you feel tired and lazy throughout the day.

Stretching – According to health experts, if you have to work in front of the computer for several hours continuously, get up and stretch in between. This will relieve the sore muscles and relieve your fatigue.

Complete sleep – If you do not complete 7 to 8 hours of sleep, you will feel lethargic all day and will not feel like working. So at least 7-8 hours of sleep must be taken.

Add These Things to the Diet :

You need a nutritious diet to keep away fatigue and laziness, so make sure to include these things in the diet.

Aniseed (Saunf) – According to health experts, fennel, along with being an excellent mouth freshener, also helps to relieve fatigue immediately. It contains calcium, sodium, iron and potassium which kills the hormones that cause sluggishness. You can chew fennel just like this or make tea, sharbat and drink it.

Chocolate – Chocolate that keeps away stress also provides instant energy. So whenever you feel lethargic, eat chocolate, fatigue will disappear. Actually, the cocoa in chocolate relieves muscles and kills tiredness.

Curd – 
Eating curd rich in protein and carbohydrates gives you energy and eliminates laziness, but remember that do not eat creamy yogurt.

Green tea – Along with helping to lose weight, green tea also helps in reducing fatigue and stress. Drinking green tea makes you feel energetic.

Ajwain – According to health experts, Ajwain is beneficial in the disease of gas, it also removes laziness of the body. Boil a little Ajwain in water in the morning and filter it and drink it like tea, you will remain energetic throughout the day, as well as it will also give relief from joint pain problems.

Coconut water – Coconut water gives instant energy to the body instead of plain water. Whenever you feel tired, drink coconut water, it will have immediate effect.

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