Woman murdered 70-year-old mother-in-law in a property greed

Mumbai: In a property greed, and frequent fights with a mother-in-laws, a 32-year-old woman murdered her 70-year-old mother-in-law at their residence in Chembur’s Pestum Sagar colony in Mumbai. The deceased, identified as Sanjana Patil, was brought to Rajawadi hospital with serious injuries, stating that she slipped and fell down in the bathroom on Monday evening.

The couple had no children so she adopted Dinesh, the son of her husband’s brother. She owned four flats- two in Chembur and two in Worli. She had rented out three flats and lived in the fourth one with her adopted son and his wife. Sanjana used to seek alms outside a Jain temple in the city’s Ghatkopar locality despite earning money from renting out flats.

At around 3 pm on Monday, an altercation flared up between Anjana and Sanjana. Anjana got filled with rage and picked up a cricket bat and assaulted Sanjana several times. Later, she pulled out a string from Sanjana’s innerwear and strangulated her as she did not die with the cricket bat. The string broke. She then used a mobile charger to strangulate her till she stopped breathing. Later, the accused confessed that she was fed up with frequent fights and wanted all four flats to be transferred in her name.

However, upon investigating the mysterious death, police discovered that Anjana Dinesh Patil, the wife of Sanjana’s adopted son Dinesh Patil had killed her.

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