Man Spent 52 lakhs to become woman, Now want to become a Mother, pictures gone viral

New Delhi : Rdrigo Alves, born as a transgender on July 30 1983 in Sao Paulo in Brazil now better known as Jessica Alves has underwent several surgeries becoming a man with 6 pack abs. He wanted to look like the famous ‘Ken Doll’ toy.

Therefore, he underwent surgery and made many changes in his look. But now he become Ken to Jessica.

Kane explains that he always felt that he was imprisoned in the wrong gender body. He considered himself a woman from inside. Since childhood, he was fond of playing with dolls. When there was no one in the house, he also wore clothes of women. Therefore, he got many surgeries of his body and made himself a woman from a man. He also changed his name to Jessica. He is also going to change his name legally soon.

Jessica sheds money like water to make herself a woman from a man. She says that three of her surgeries are still left. Then she will become full women. She has also undergone a breast transplant. She has spent about Rs 52 lakh so far to become a woman from a man.

Jessica says that one of the main reasons for becoming a woman from a man was that she wanted to have the pleasure of becoming a mother. For this, she has also made changes in the hormones of her body. She is looking for a good husband for herself. Her dream is to give birth to a child from her womb and raise the baby like a mother.


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