Mahendra Singh Dhoni craved for this girl’s love almost for two years, see pictures.

Mumbai: Mahendra Singh Dhoni is one of the most loved person in the world, he has made millions of hearts crazy with his cricket skills.  Mahendra Singh Dhoni is an Indian cricketer whose success behind him is also very much his own.

You must have seen the film ‘MS Dhoni – The Untold Story’ on Mahendra Singh Dhoni, the former captain of the Indian team. The role of MS Dhoni was played by late Sushant Singh Rajput which was well appreciated by the fans.

The film shows that earlier Mahendra Singh Dhoni loved another girl but for some reason one she lost her life in the accident, due to which Mahendra Singh Dhoni was completely broken, due to which his performance in cricket was also deteriorating.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni met Sakshi, they got married after dating st 2 years, it is absolutely true that In the school where Mahendra Singh Dhoni has studied, Sakshi started her education in the same school.
Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Sakshi also have a daughter who is popular in the entire Indian cricket world, perhaps you may know her name, yet for your information, let us tell you that her name is ‘Jeeva Dhoni’.

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