Ban movie ‘Muhammad the messanger of God’ wrote Maharashtra home minister

Mumbai: Maharashtra Home Minister wrote to  cabinet minister of electronic & information technology to ban the movie ‘Muhammad the messanger of God’ or block online platform where the movie is going to display.
In a letter written on Wednesday, it was requested that government should ban/block/suspend the digital platform where the movie would be released on probable date of July 21 2020.

The Maharashtra government has received a complaint from the the Raza Academy, based in Mumbai, has issued a letter demanding a ban on the distribution of the film Muhammad: The Messenger of God, which is based on the life of Holy Prophet of Islam.
In the letter addressed to Don Cinema, a distributor of the movie, they have urged that the digital release of the movie on 21 July should be stopped before it creates unrest and law and order problem in the city.
The twitter page of Raza Academy describes it as a Sunni Barelvi organization of Indian Sufi Muslims that promotes Islamic beliefs through publications and research.

Originally the movie was released in Iran in 2015.
In the letter, Raza Academy said, “Ever since the news of its release has been published there has been an uproar in the community and we have been receiving hundreds of calls to get the film banned as it is completely blasphemous.”

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