After Mukesh Ambani become world sixth-richest person, see how netizens respond

New Delhi: After the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited surpassed Warren Buffett’s last week, with a worth of $72.4 billion.

He was appreciated on twitter, by saying, “He is like a God”

Several memes also taking round, for the first time Kunal Kamra’s joke makes sense wrote on Twitter.

Mukesh Ambani is now richer than Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and Elon Musk; he is also changing his empire in digital business.

Meanwhile, several were in surprise after he was in the sixth position.

After a drop in U.S. tech shares on Monday, Page’s fortune now stands at $71.6 billion, while Sergey Brin’s is at $69.4 billion and Tesla’s Elon Musk is worth $68.6 billion. Warren Buffett’s net worth dropped last week after he gave away $2.9 billion to charity.

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