Saroj Khan Was Just 3yo When She Started Her Career, Got Married At The Age Of 13

New Delhi : Saroj Khan, the famous dancer of the film industry, passed away late Thurday Night at 1.52 am in Mumbai. Saroj Khan was born on 22 November 1948 in a Hindu family. Her real name is Nirmala Nagpal. She started her film career from childhood. First film of Saroj Khan was Nazrana. At this time, she was just 3 years old.

Saroj Khan Married At The Age Of 13
Saroj Khan got married at the age of 13. She was married to Sohanlal. At the time of her marriage to Saroj Khan, Sohanlal was 41 year old and was also the father of four children. The marriage of both Saroj Khan and Sohanlal did not last long. After a few years of marriage, the relationship between the two started getting problems and Sohanlal left Saroj and went to Madras.

Second Marriage Of Saroj Khan With Sardar Roshan Khan
Sohanlal was a dancer. Saroj Khan learned Kathakali, Bharatanatyam, Kathak and Manipuri dance from Sohanlal. After separating from Sohanlal, Saroj Khan remarried to Sardar Roshan Khan. Roshan Khan was a Muslim, that is why Saroj Khan changed her religion and became a Muslim. She married Roshan and gave birth to a daughter. Saroj Khan’s daughter runs a dance school, which is in Dubai.

Saroj Khan has choreographed over 2000 songs. She has taught dance to many celebrities like Sridevi, Madhuri, Aishavarya and Kareena. Saroj Khan has received the Filmfare Award and National Film Award for the film Devdas. In addition, Saroj Khan has been honored with the American Choreography Award for the film Lagaan.

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