Girls Do This Preparation Before Sex, About Which Men Definitely Do Not Know

Mumbai : It is common today to have physical relationships. Today’s youth don’t think so much about it. But let us say that making physical relations is a subject on which the girl or boy feel uncomfortable and also get nervous to talk. There are a lot of questions going on in their mind. Especially when girls go to bond with their partner, then there are thousands of questions in their mind. They deal with them as well as they do some important work before sex. Such as –

– Some women said that whenever there is a sex plan, they first clean their private parts, while some said that she shaves before sex. They believe that everyone likes to touch soft hands and feet.

– Whenever the girl goes for a sex, she selects her underwear very carefully. She repeatedly tries what clothes she is wearing.

– Some said that their partner will bring condoms or will they have to eat pills? These women believe that sex without protection is like a nightmare.

– Some women say that she starts paying attention to her diet. They want to show toned body and flat tummy in front of their partner. That’s why they eats salad and fruits.

– Girls make sure to clean their private parts before having sex. For this, she first removes the hair from her vagina.

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