Girl Enjoys ‘This’ the Most During Physical Relationship, Must Know to Make Your Girl Happy

Mumbai : Sex relation is an important part of everyone’s life. Females have an orgasm equal to three males. At the same time, one out of every three women has problems getting an orgasm from their husband or boyfriend. Many times women do not feel orgasm during sex. But if you make her feel special during a physical relationship, then she feels an orgasm soon.

Compliment – Do not start immediately as soon as you go to bed, but talk to your partner and do praise her. Tell them what style of her touches your heart. With this, the mood of both will reach a peak.

Special Feeling – While having sex, girls want their partner to make her feel special. Compliment her or give her a cute gift before having sex.

Massage – If you want to make your love life more romantic, then massage your partner. This will create your partner’s mood and she will get excited.

Room Decoration – Some girls are very romantic types who like to do everything with Romance. Having sex is a romance but she does not believe in just making relationship, girls want to feel it too.

Candle Light Sex – You may have never heard of this sex before, but today we are telling you about it. Yes, girls enjoy sex more in candle light.

Foreplay is Also Important – To get extreme happiness it is very important to have a foreplay. If your partner is not able to get an orgasm then she will not enjoy sex at all. Slowly it will become a problem going forward, so make sure to foreplay before sex.

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