‘Work From Home’ in Pune For Next 6 Months : IT Companies’ Policy!

Pune : Most IT employees are still working from home due to Corona. Companies also noticed that this is not having much impact on work and productivity. In contrast, in many cases more work is being done from home. Companies are benefiting from this. Some companies have left the rented offices for the time being. This will reduce the cost of companies. Also, many IT companies in Pune have made a policy that work from home will continue for employees for the next three to six months.

About 70 percent of IT companies in the city and surrounding areas are currently working from home. The central and state governments have also allowed 33 percent of their IT employees to go to office. As a result, many companies have asked their employees to be prepared to work from home for the next three to six months.

 ‘Work From Home’ –
– Internet is provided by companies.
– Methodology, timing, supervision of projects.
– Weekly leave and holidays are also given.
– Minimum 8 to 10 hours of work.
– Work through group conferences and video calls.

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