Okay, So These Are The Benefits Of Morning Sex… Must Read!


Mumbai : There are many surveys done about sex. According to the survey, many people like morning sex, then many people like night sex. In order to make morning happy, people have sex in the morning. About 1000 people were surveyed through an online portal in which they were asked whether they believe morning sex is right or wrong.

Survey On Morning Sex
On this, one group has said that they have never had morning sex and another group said that morning sex is better. 63 percent of women admitted that they never had morning sex and 37 percent of men said that they do not have morning sex.

On this, 50.7% women say that they do not have mood in the morning and 35.6% have said that they do not have time. 32.9% said that in the morning she feels a decrease in energy, due to which she abstains from morning sex.

51 percent of the men in the second group said that they have sex every morning and on the other hand 20 percent of the women have declared daily morning sex to be correct. The special thing in this survey is that people believe that they are happy in the relationship and also like morning sex.

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