Young Man Ate Bull Sex Power Drug to Have Sex With 30yo Woman, Hospitalized With ‘3-Day Erection’

Mumbai : There are many people all over the world who adopt various tactics to make physical connections. In such a situation, the case that has come up recently is that of the city of Reynosa, Mexico. Here a man ate bull-sex power medicine, after which he had to be hospitalized for three days. Yes, according to the news, his condition deteriorated so much that the doctors had to undergo surgery of his penis.

According to reports, the man ate bull-stimulating drugs in Mexico to have a physical relationship with a 30-year-old woman and after that his condition deteriorated so much that he had to be hospitalized. According to the information received, this man’s penis was in erected state for three days and when the situation did not improve, doctors performed surgery on his penis. After that, he got some rest.

According to the news, this man was admitted to the Specialized Hospital No 270 in Reinosa City and he had brought the medicine from a place called Veracruz. It is said that the farmers of Mexico feed sex power drugs to bulls when they have to undergo breeding with cows and using this medicine a bull can make many cows pregnant, due to which the young man took the pill but what happened to him worsened his condition.

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