Vaginal Health : You Must Be Aware of These Important Things, Read & Help Others By Sharing It

Mumbai : From having periods in teenage to making physical intimacy in married life and maintaining vaginal health, Vagina’s health is very important. There are many things about which women do not know much, from smell and discharge coming from vagina to the problem of loose vagina. Every woman should know about 5 such special things related to vagina.

Every woman’s body has a different scent. Women also have a different taste of vagina. But there is no need to bother with it. Due to sweat and discharge in this area, smelling is very natural. If there is a problem with this smell, then by washing it with water in general, this problem can be solved. But if there is too much bad smell from vagina, then consult your doctor about it. Sometimes, due to infection, there is also a strong smell in the vagina.

Vagina is the part of our body that cleans itself. Discharge from vagina is actually a process of cleaning the body. In such a situation, do not worry about the discharge in regular days and after periods. Also, the normal discharge is white and clean then it is not a problem. Yes, you need to go to a Gynecologist if the color of this discharge is light yellow or it has a strong smell.

There are many types of questions in women’s minds regarding pubic hair outside the vagina. Women can trim or remove these hair if they wish, this does not affect vaginal health in any way. But make sure that there is no injury to the upper part of the vagina while cutting or shaving hair.

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