China In Contact With Al-Badr Terrorists; Conspiracy Of Two Front War Against India, 20,000 Pak Soldiers Deployed In Pok

New Delhi: Intelligence sources have reported that Pakistan has deployed two divisions of its army in Gilgit Baltistan in PoK. It is clear that Pakistan has now openly joined China. If circumstances of war arise between India and China, then Pakistan is trying to form a second front against India.

This is not the only plot of Pakistan. Sources are telling that amidst the escalation of India from China to Pakistan, Pakistan is trying to spread disturbances with its terrorists in the Kashmir Valley. At present, about 100 Pakistani terrorists are active in Kashmir. Pakistani agency ISI is also preparing a BAT operation along the border and LoC with India.

According to information received from the sources, the number of troops that Pakistan has deployed this time is more than that deployed during the Balakot air strike. At the same time, Pakistan’s Air Defense Radar is also monitoring the entire area for 24 hours. The deployment of troops along the Pakistan-China border and efforts to incite terrorists will force India to fight terrorism in the two front and the valley.

According to sources, the Chinese army is in talks with the militants of Al Badr. China wants to make it stand again by giving financial help to this terrorist organization so that it can launch a fight against India. Al Badr is a terrorist organization operating from Pakistan and has been involved in several terrorist incidents in Afghanistan and Kashmir and also helped the Pakistani army in the Kargil war.

Sources say that in the event of two-front war, Pakistan has planned to attack the security forces from the terrorists present in Kashmir. Security agencies have been alerted after this input and necessary steps are being taken.

Meanwhile, India plans to buy Spice bombs to further strengthen its capability to hit ground targets. The bomb that India is preparing to buy will be an advanced version of Spice-2000, which will destroy the enemy’s buildings and bunkers within moments.

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