Women Don’t Like To Use Condoms At All, You’ll Be Shocked After Knowing The Reason!

Mumbai : Condom is very important during sex. This not only leads to ‘safe sex’ but can also be helpful to avoid ‘Unwanted Pregnancy’. Everyone knows that condoms are extremely important. This can prevent HIV infection. But when it comes to the accusation, it comes to men that they do not like condoms. On the other hand, the truth or reality is that even women do not like condoms during sex.

It is seen that some women have allergies from condoms. What will you do if this happens? Obviously you will not use condoms. But our advice is that before doing so, you must consult your gynecologist. These allegations often accuse men that the use of condoms reduces the craze of sex. But men are advised to keep condoms as close as they keep their lover. So that they can use it suddenly during Sex.

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