New Swine Flu With Pandemic Potential Discovered in China, Fear Of An Outbreak

Beijing : A new type of swine flu has been found in China. According to reports, this new flu could give another blow to the world suffering from the coronavirus epidemic. According to a report by researchers published in the American Science Journal PNAS, the new swine flu is a genetic descendant of the H1N1 swine flu that spread across the world in 2009, but is far more dangerous. Scientists at several universities of China and China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention have said that the new swine flu can make humans very sick.

G4 is the name of the new swine flu
Researchers say that if the new swine flu infection spread during the Corona epidemic, the world will soon face another problem. This new swine flu has been named G4 and Chinese scientists have conducted research from 2011 to 2018 to find it. According to reports, during this period, scientists took a swab from the nose of 30 thousand pigs from 10 states of China and during its investigation it was found that there are 179 types of swine flu in China. Out of all this swine flu, G4 was isolated and it was found that most of the pigs are infected with it.

New swine flu is growing in pigs since 2016
According to reports, this new flu has been growing in pigs since 2016. Research has shown that the new swine flu G4 can infect humans rapidly and seriously. The investigation also revealed that due to seasonal flu, no human will get immunity for G4 swine flu and it can make anyone horribly ill. Scientists claim that G4 infection is found in 10 percent of the people working in pigs farms in China. The antibodies were tested by such people after which G4 infection has been confirmed.

4.4 percent of China’s population has been infected
Tests also revealed that about 4.4 percent of China’s population has been infected with G4 and the virus has spread to humans from pigs. However, evidence of human to human infection has not been found. Chinese scientists have written in their report that if G4 spreads from humans to humans, it can take the form of a dangerous epidemic, so pig rearing needs to be taken care of. James Wood, head of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge University, said that because of the growing relationship between humans and wild animals, such viruses and infections are spreading, so humans have to reduce their exposure to wild animals.

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