Negligence Increased After Unlock-1 Is Cause For Concern, Said PM Modi

New Delhi : Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the country today expressed concern about the rising cases of coronavirus. PM Modi has said that negligence has increased after Unlock-1, which is a cause for concern.

PM Modi said that if we look at the death rate due to corona, then India is in a better position than many countries of the world. Timely lockdown and other decisions have saved the lives of millions of people in India. But since Unlock-1 has been implemented in the country, negligence in personal and social behavior is also increasing. Previously, we were very cautious about wearing Mask, Social Distancing, Washing Hands several times a day for 20 seconds.

Significantly, from June 1, Unlock-1 is implemented in the country, under which all temple-mosque, market and malls have been opened. Crowds of people are also seen on the streets. Along with this, corona infection has increased rapidly in June.

Expressing concern over this, PM Modi said that the rules were followed very seriously during the lockdown. Now governments, local body institutions, citizens of the country, need to show the same vigilance again. Especially, we have to pay a lot of attention to Containment Jones, whoever is not following the rules, we have to interrupt, stop and explain them.

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