Congress Attacked PM Modi After His Address To The Nation, Said- Modi is afraid to take the name of China

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the people of the country on Tuesday. In his address, PM Modi spoke in detail on Coronavirus and lockdown. Although speculations were being made that there would be some talk on Indo-China tension in Prime Minister Modi’s address, this did not happen. On not mentioning China, the Congress targeted the Prime Minister and said that ‘Forget about criticizing China, he is afraid to mention it in his national address.’ The Congress also said that Prime Minister Modi’s address could have been an official notification.

The Congress also put a picture on its Twitter handle which has been written about China. It is written on the picture, ‘China intruded into India’s border by 423 meters.’ According to the Congress, China has 16 tents and tarpaulins in the Indian border till 25 June. China has a large shelter, as well as about 14 vehicles. Congress has asked whether the Prime Minister can deny it? The Congress also said that India needs a leader who accepts the failure and has room for improvement. There is no need for a leader who bypasses problems and refrains from talking about it.

At the same time, the Congress also said that it is happy to know that the Prime Minister has listened to the request of Congress President Sonia Gandhi, in which there was a demand for furthering the scheme of giving free food grains to the poor.

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