United Nations Again Warns China, “Stop the Violation of Fundamental Rights”

Geneva : Independent experts of the United Nations have warned China once again about the violation of fundamental rights. The United Nations says that China should stop suppression of freedom of fundamental rights. The United Nations has specifically mentioned Hong Kong. It has been said that the repressive policy towards those who advocate democracy in Hong Kong is not good. Excessive use of police force to suppress protest is not appropriate.

Independent UN experts said that indecent, repressive attitude and dangerous chemicals were being used in police stations along with the protesters. Along with this, health care workers are also being harassed. Independent experts from the United Nations have issued a warning to China once again. Even before this, China has been warned from time to time, but its strong attitude against the protesters continues.

To strengthen its hold on Hong Kong, China has introduced the National Security Act. It has also decided to open a bureau to work on it. Countries like the United States and Britain had proposed an informal discussion about this in the United Nations Security Council. On this, China called it its internal issue. The Chinese government has been alarmed by the growing protests in Hong Kong. Protests in Hong Kong will not be easy once this law comes into force.

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