Leech Entered Man’s Penis While Bathing Naked in Pond, Caused Severe Bleeding

Mumbai : Bathing in a pond has its own fun. Cold water bath cures all tiredness. But think about the person who went to bathe in the pond for fun and a blood sucking worm entered his body through his private part. Person screamed in pain when Leech sucked all the blood of his body. After much effort, the doctors pulled Leech out of his body. The leech was first killed by the doctor with a long stick. Only after that the Leech could be removed from the person’s body. A leech worsened his condition.

Surgeons in Cambodia have removed a leech from inside an elderly man’s bladder after the creature crawled inside his penis while he was swimming. The man, who has not been named, went to hospital in the capital Phnom Penh on June 22 after suffering pain while trying to urinate.

Doctors inserted a camera through the man’s urethra to find the source of the pain, and were shocked when they found a leech inside him. After questioning the patient it transpired he had stripped off and gone for a swim in a river earlier in the day. Medics believe the leech, which would have been small at the time, found its way up the man’s penis and into his bladder.

There it latched on and drank an estimated pint of his blood, rapidly swelling in size and causing the pain. The swollen creature then had to be dragged back out the same way it went in.

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