After Delhi, ‘No Entry’ For Chinese Citizens in Mathura-Vrindavan Hotels, Chinese Food Won’t Be Served

New Delhi : After China’s cowardly act, the nation is angry and people are protesting by boycotting Chinese products. In this sequence, after the hotel and guest house organization of Delhi decided not to accommodate the Chinese citizens, now the hotel operators of Mathura-Vrindavan have also taken a big decision according to which now they will not allow Chinese citizens in their hotels nor will serve Chinese food to the customer.

The Hotel Owners Association has boycotted Chinese products, supporting the All India Merchants Association (CAIT) campaign. Also, it has decided not to accommodate Chinese citizens in hotels and to remove Chinese food from the menu card.

The present situation was discussed in a meeting of the Hotel Owners Association on Thursday. The organization’s General Secretary Amit Jain said that the Mathura-Vrindavan Hotel Owners Association is with CAIT’s campaign in which the boycott of Chinese goods is being done.

He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call will bring ‘Self-reliant India’ and ‘Local to Vocal’ and CAT’s ‘Indian Goods-Our Pride’ to the entire Brij region.

Under this, the hotel operators of Mathura-Vrindavan have decided to remove the ‘Chinese Food’ item from the menu card and not give room to Chinese citizens and ban Chinese food.

Krishnadayal Aggarwal, president of the association, said, “Chinese soldiers have attacked Indian soldiers with deception similar to cowards.” This is an insult to us, our army and our soldiers. Therefore, hoteliers in Mathura-Vrindavan have decided that they will no longer provide hotel rooms to Chinese citizens nor will Chinese food be served.”

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