JP Nadda Targets Rahul Gandhi, Said- ‘Due to The Misdeeds Of One Dynasty, We Lost Thousands Of Sq Km Of Our Land’

New Delhi : BJP President JP Nadda has once again targeted Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. Nadda launched sharp attacks on the Gandhi family, referring to the dynasty. He said that today, the country is united and is supporting our armed forces. It is a time of unity and solidarity.

JP Nadda tweeted, “A rejected and ejected dynasty is NOT equal to the entire opposition. One dynasty’s interests are not India’s interests. Today, the nation is united and supportive of our armed forces. This is the time for unity and solidarity. Relaunch of ‘the scion’ for the nth time can wait. ”

He further wrote, “Due to the misadventures of a dynasty: We lost thousands of square kilometers of our land. The Siachen glacier was almost gone. And much more. No wonder India has rejected them.”

Earlier, he accused Congress leader Rahul Gandhi of trying to divide the country and to lower the morale of the armed forces in critical situations. He also asked whether this is the effect of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that Congress had signed with the Communist Party of China.

The two parties signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2008 to consult each other on important regional and international issues and to facilitate high-level connectivity. The BJP is citing this MoU to counter the Congress’ growing aggressive stance against the Narendra Modi government’s way of dealing with the border dispute with China.

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