Sushant Singh Rajput & Lauren’s WhatsApp Chat is Now Going Viral On Social Media, Read the Full Chat Here

Mumbai: Sushant’s friends are still unable to believe that Sushant has left like this. Like fans, they are also missing Sushant a lot. In his memory, his friends are constantly sharing their memories on social media. Recently, dancer and actress Lauren Gottlieb shared a screenshot of an old whatsapp chat with Sushant. In this, both are talking about the industry.

In this conversation Sushant admitted that he was an outsider, but he did not stop working to fulfill his dreams and traveled from TV industry to film industry . In the messages of 2016 to Lauren, Sushant first asks about her health and informs him about his films. After this, when he asks Lauren about her film, Lauren answers – My film was released a few weeks ago. It was amazing at the box office. It has been the highest grossing Punjabi film ever. After this she writes, ‘I have not signed anything now. I want a big Bollywood film now. Now I refuse small rolls. Let’s see when it happens.’

Lauren shared a screenshot of the conversation she had with the late actor on Instagram, which has old messages exchanged by both of them, in which the two interacted about the film industry. Captioning the screenshot, she wrote, “Today I looked at the message in conversation on WhatsApp with Sushant today for so many years. Seeing the message, I got that part of the conversation, which once again broke my heart. He further wrote, “Today, I finally brought myself to look at my WhatsApp messages with Sushant over the years. I came across one conversation that broke my heart all over again, as it was filled with so much love, kindness, and true support for one another’s dreams! I felt a deep connection with Sushant as we were both “outsiders” and I looked up to him tremendously!”

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