Patients Recovering From Corona Can Have ‘These’ Problems For a Lifetime

New Delhi : Coronavirus has caused havoc all over the world. Thousands of people are dying every day. While millions of new cases are coming everyday. Meanwhile another big information has come out. In fact, in one study, it has been found that one out of every three patients who recover from corona can have health problems throughout their life and their lungs can also damage for a long time.

Lung Damage, Fatigue & Mental Discomfort Can Occur
The British Telegraph newspaper has published these things, citing the guidance of the National Health Service, the leading health agency in England. It states that 30 percent of patients recovering from corona can suffer lung damage. They may also have problems with fatigue and mental discomfort. At the same time, half of the patients who have recovered after treatment in ICU can have problems for a long time.

The whole lot of it has started coming. Experts say that people who recover from getting sick with corona can also damage their brains and be at higher risk of Alzheimer. According to the information, many patients between the ages of 40 and 50 who have been cured, are now facing many problems. These people used to do everything by themselves, gym, swimming, business, etc. but now they are not able to get up from their beds even after being cured from Corona.

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