Couple Sold Their Newborn Child to Buy Drugs, Arrested


Beijing : A couple from China sold their own child for just 6,800 pounds to meet their drug needs. They sold this child to a couple who were not having a baby and wanted to start their own family. Both these couples met in the hospital itself.

Wang and Zhong, residents of Neijiang, South Western China, were arrested by the police from a hotel in a drunk state. A large amount of drugs and money were also recovered from them. Police said that both of them have been using drugs for a long time and many cases are also registered against them. Couple was also in debt due to addiction to drugs. They thought that they would not be able to raise their child, so they sold their child. For this, they also made a deal with a family.

Both couples met at the hospital, where Wang and Zhong found out that the couple is not having a baby and want to start a family. They made the deal for 6,800 pounds. When the child was born, they handed the child to that couple. The police have now handed over the newborn to her grandparents. In the police interrogation, the accused couple said that they bought two mobiles with that money and bought crystal meth (drugs). At present, both are now in jail. Wang is sentenced to five while Zhong is sentenced to 6 years.

Wang is pictured being arrested by police –
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