Sushant’s Sister Shares a Very Emotional Post, Wrote- “I’m sorry, I Wish I Could Take Your Pain…”

Mumbai : Bollywood’s talented actor Sushant Singh Rajput is no more with us today. Everyone is surprised by Sushant’s sudden suicide. He was famous in the film industry. His last released film Chichhore also did well at the box office. The film had grossed over 100 crores. He used to charge from six to eight crore rupees for each film. Everything was going well. Even for a web series, the deal had been finalized for around 14 crores. Then why did Sushant take such a step? Everyone is shocked by this.

Sushant’s sister wrote a very emotional post –

Now Sushant’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti has written this emotional post for him. In this post, Shweta apologizes to Sushant, for the pain that his brother experienced. Shweta wrote, “Mera baby, mera Babu mera Bachcha is not physically present with us anymore and it is ok… I know u were in a lot of pain and I know u were a fighter and u were bravely fighting it. Sorry mera Sona… sorry for all the pain u had to go through…if I could I would hav taken all ur pain and given all my happiness to u. Your twinkling eyes taught the world how to dream, ur innocent smile revealed the true purity of ur heart”

Shweta further wrote, ” you will always be loved mera Baby and so so much more…. Whereever ur mera baby stay happy….stay fulfilled and know that everyone loved, loves u and will always love you unconditionally. All my dear ones…. I know it is testing time… but whenever there is choice…. choose love above hatred, choose kindness and compassion above anger and resentment choose selflessness above selfishness and forgive…. forgive yourself, forgive others and forgive everyone. Everybody is fighting their own battles…. be compassionate to yourself and be compassionate to others and everyone. Let not ur heart close everrrrrr, at any cost!!!!”

Also shared a note written by Sushant –
In this post, Shweta has also shared a note written by her brother Sushant. In which it is written, ‘She says I can, she says I cannot. Usually both are correct but you are the first woman. Love you, Bhai Sushant.’

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