Photos of Woman Beating Husband & His Girlfriend Viral, Caught Them Red-Handed 

Baran : In Baran city of Rajasthan, a wife caught the husband red-handed with his girlfriend. After this, the wife beat her husband and his lover fiercely. Her husband was staying with his girlfriend for a long time after casting her and his two daughters out of the house.


Purushottam Meghwal, posted as compounder at Atru Community Health Center in Baran, left his wife and daughters for his girlfriend. On Wednesday, the wife, along with her family members, went to the husband’s house where he was living with his girlfriend and beat them both. Not only this, the wife also beat his girlfriend fiercely, seeing that the husband started running on the roof above. But the wife grabbed the husband as well and beat him fiercely.

Wife Pramila Meghwal says that her husband, along with his girlfriend, has got a house in Baran’s Nakoda Colony and he is enjoying with her. As soon as she got information about this, she reached there with her family members. After which, she beat her husband’s girlfriend and her husband fiercely. Pramila Meghwal was married in 2006. After the birth of two daughters, the woman’s husband left her and lived with his girlfriend in Nakoda Colony.

At the same time, for the last one year, the victim was visiting officers for justice. After this, she showed courage and beat up the husband with his girlfriend. Then she reached the police station of Baran to complain. Victim Pramila Meghwal says that her husband does not live with her. Due to having two daughters, he refused to live with her.

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