Mohammadwadi residents live under fear and terror of wooden stick carrying hooligans 

Pune :  Policenama online  –  Many residents of Mohammadwadi, an upmarket area near NIBM annexe are living under fear from dangerous youth groups who are openly carrying wooden sticks and beating youths in the name of moral policing.

These youths with alleged political backing and support from behind the scenes by society residents in the area are literally spreading fear with no fear of Kondhwa police, residents said.

Residents have  called for complete crackdown on the terror spreading youth groups and demanded arrest of their secret backers and political supporters. Area residents say that the youth groups are connected with  a hotel owner who is allegedly involved in illegal activities and serve as the agents of the new criminals.

Senior citizens and women taking walk in the area said that the goondas need to be immediately arrested as they are taking law in their hands. The youths arrive at around 5 pm daily during last five days, sit chatting with their local friends and start charging at young couples in the name of moral policing, residents said.

They are openly carrying batons and threatening the couples which is one of the biggest violations of the constitution of the country. The liberals of the country must take notice of this serious violation are demand arrest of the culprits whose photographs have been captured on the CCTV cameras.

The nearby residents fear retaliatory action against them for reporting their criminal behaviour to the police, said one of the senior citizens who preferred  to stay anonymous. The youths who are very new to the area have long hair and their behaviour is absolutely criminal in their behaviour as they are openly challenging the law and order. Individual cases must be lodged against these hooligans, said a woman jogger who is under fear from being attacked by the youths.

Senior PI Vinayak Gaikwad said ” We received a call from control room and sent our patrol team to nab them but did not find any of them. Somebody should give us complaint in this case “

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