Last Six & a Half Hours’ Story of Sushant Singh Rajput

Mumbai : Film star Sushant Singh Rajput had been suffering from depression for almost six months and he was also undergoing treatment to overcome this depression. But what was the reason for Sushant’s depression? After his suicide, this question is now in everyone’s mind. The police are looking at every aspect of his life in search of this answer. And it starts with the last six and a half hours between Sushant’s life and death, when he was last seen alive and dead for the first time.

Sixth Floor, Joggers Park, Bandra, Mumbai

It was 6.30 am on Sunday, 14 June 2020. Sushant Singh Rajput woke up at that time. However, after this he was in his room and at around 9:30 in the morning he spoke to his sister on the phone, who lives in Mumbai. After this, he also spoke to his friend and actor Mahesh Krishna Shetty on phone. By then it was half past ten in the morning.

Sushant’s servants present in the house and friends living with him told that at about ten and a half, he came out of his room and went back to the bedroom with a glass of juice for himself. He did not talk to anyone then. Shortly after this, one of Sushant’s servants went to ask him what he would take for lunch, but despite knocking the door several times and shouting, no response was received from inside.

After this, the people working in Sushant’s house and his friend also called on his mobile, but the phone did not pick up. The people living there got nervous and informed Sushant’s sister over the phone. The sister also called Sushant several times, but he did not pick up the phone. After some time his sister had also reached Sushant’s house but the door of the room was still closed.

12.30 PM
Till then, a servant working in his house brought a duplicate key man from outside the apartment. He made the key and finally the door of his room was opened. But the scene inside was shaking. Sushant’s corpse was hanging from a trap made of a green bedsheet. When the door of the room was opened, Sushant’s sister himself, his art designer friend living with him and a servant who were staying with him were present there, who were the first three eye-witnesses of the incident.

1 PM
During this time a doctor was also called and the boy who worked with him dialed the police on 108 number. The police and doctors had also reached the spot in a while. But by then Sushant’s sister, friend and servants had taken his corpse down to bed. Sushant had gone away from the world long before the doctor’s arrival and the only formality left for the doctor to declare him dead.

One of the most capable and promising actors of the new era, Sushant Singh Rajput lived alone in his flat in Bandra. Although there were a total of four people living in this house besides him, these four to three people actually worked for him. These included two cooks and a housekeeper and the fourth was an art designer friend of his. Whatever upheaval was going on in Sushant’s life till now, it was going on silently and no one was aware that he could do something like this.

It is a 36 hundred square feet duplex apartment, which has a large hall, kitchen and other  things on the first floor of his apartment, while three bedrooms above. Sushant lived in one of these bedrooms. He had one of his cook Neeraj Singh with him in this flat, who was with him from 11 May 2019, his second cook Keshav Bachner lived with him for about one and a half years, the third one was Deepesh Sawant, who looked after other jobs including house keeping and the fourth was Siddharth Pithani, an art designer.

Police are also interrogating Sushant Singh’s neighbors. Family of Sushant Singh Rajput lives in Patna. The police claim that Sushant Singh Rajput was suffering from depression for the last 6 months. No reason for his suicide could be revealed. Nor has the police received any suicide note from the incident spot. In such a situation, his suicide has become a secret for everyone.

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