Conditions or Person Are Not the Cause of Suicide, If the Thoughts of Death Comes in Mind, MUST Read This & Save Your Dear Ones

Mumbai : On Sunday, Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide. After his suicide, the police-administration and the media are looking for various reasons like a person or situation behind it. At the same time, in the eyes of psychiatrists, the reason behind the suicide is no circumstances or any person etc. Doctors believe the reason behind the idea of suicide something else. Let’s know the reasons behind the suicide and also know how to save a person thinking of suicide.

IHBAS (Institute of Human Behavior and Allied Sciences) psychiatrist Dr. Omprakash says that the idea of suicide is not due to any situation or person. This happens due to biological and medical reasons.

Dr. Omprakash says that suicide should be treated like a medical emergency. If there are thoughts of suicide, then it is a kind of psychological problem. But if these thoughts are becoming so strong that the person wants to kill himself in any case, then it is a medical emergency.

Dr. Omprakash said that if a person struggling with such a serious mental problem goes to a psychiatrist, then he should be treated like a medical emergency. And he should be admitted and treated.

In psychiatry, it should be treated with other methods including electroconvulsive therapy (ECT). Dr. Omprakash said that such patients should focus on healing through therapy rather than counseling or medicines. If there are people around you who are struggling with suicidal thoughts, then take them to a psychiatrist immediately.

Dr. Omprakash says that in the field of psychiatry, the factor behind suicide is never a situation or reason. It should be understood from the example of actor Sushant Singh or other suicides that there are lakhs of people in the country who are living in such or worse conditions, but they do not take the step of suicide.

But people who have been suffering from depression for a long time and are undergoing treatment for it, if there are thoughts of suicide in them, then it is very important to understand it and take it like a medical emergency. If people who are facing mental problems in your family give any indication, then understand it and start saving them. Doctors say that for such patients, circumstances can increase the problem or become a hindrance in treatment, but these are not the reason of suicide at all.

Therefore, when people suffering from mental illnesses indicate their suicidal thoughts through social media or other methods, it is very important to understand it. Taking this as the reason for the situation, avoiding it, counseling or abandoning medicine, many times the problem is aggravated instead of ending.

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