Meerut Born Doctor Successfully Performs Double Lung Transplant on COVID-19 Patient; Offers New Hope to the World

Chicago : A doctor from Meerut has brightened the name of India with his success in America. The doctor under his leadership has done a very complicated operation of a corona patient and has performed two new lungs transplant surgery. This operation was so complex that it took 10 hours to complete it. This is the first such operation performed on a corona patient.

This complex operation in America was done under the leadership of Dr. Ankit Bharat, born and raised in Meerut. A team of doctors under his leadership has transplanted the lungs of a 20-year-old woman suffering from corona infection in the US. This is the first operation of this patient to have two new lungs transplant after a corona infection.

The woman’s death was certain if the operation was not done
News agency quoted the North-Western Memorial Hospital in Chicago as informing that the woman who had her lungs transplanted would have died if she had not been operated upon. After this very complicated operation, the woman is currently kept in ICU under intensive supervision of doctors. His condition is now improving.

According to the hospital, the corona-infected woman, who has received two new lungs, was dependent on the artificial lung for the last two months. The process of this operation which lasted for 10 hours was quite complicated. Corona’s infection had spread to the woman’s entire lung. Veteran of Thoracis surgery and born in Meerut, Doctor Ankit Bharat said that for serious patients of COVID-19, different types of transplants will be the base of their lives.

Family can talk on video call
The doctor said that the patient is currently on a ventilator. Presently, her family members are not allowed to visit her due to the risk of infection. However, the family can talk to the woman through a video call. The hospital has expressed hope that the young woman will soon be able to live a normal life fully healthy.

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