Adimanavs Also Used Condoms, History is 12,000 to 15,000 Years Old !

New Delhi: Condom is the most successful thing to avoid HIV AIDS and unwanted pregnancy. Condom use has increased in the current times as compared to the old times. Along with this, it is also clear that people have become aware about their health in today’s time.

But since when condom has been in use, you probably hardly know about it. Today we are going to tell you about the history of condoms, which is very important to know. The history of condoms is said to have been first made from the intestine of animals in the 16th century.

For this reason, the price of condoms was very high at that time. Two types of sides have emerged regarding the history of condoms. Historians who came to know about the first side claim that the condom was named after the ‘Doctor condom’. Doctor Condom gave a condom made of sheep leather to King Charles II in the 16th century.

However, the other side of the historians completely disagree with this. Regarding the history of condoms, a report has said that about 12000-15000 years old painting was found in a cave in France. Condom-like things were also found in that painting.

However, there has been no confirmation that condoms were used at that time to avoid unwanted pregnancy or for any other purpose. Different historians have different opinions about what the real history of condoms is. But it is clear that condoms had started to be used extensively in the 17th century.

According to media reports, during the excavation at Dudley Castle in Britain, some condoms were found from medieval toilets. The condoms found in the excavation were made from the intestines of animals. Reports said that condoms made from animal intestines were used around 1646. Although condoms made of rubber were invented in 1839 by Charles Goodyear.

He also patented it in 1844 after the invention of the rubber condom. After a few years, many companies started making rubber condoms.

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