Parle-G Biscuits Made Highest Sales in Lockdown, Broke 82-Year’s Record

Mumbai: The economy of the country and the world has been devastated by the Coronavirus. There was a huge reduction in earnings. But Parle-G biscuits’ sales were so high that the record of the last 82 years has been broken. The 5-rupee packet of Parle-G biscuits came in handy during the lockdown for migrants going from one state to another state or city who travelled hundreds of kilometres on foot and by bicycle to return home. While many even stocked their houses with Parle-G. Many people also distributed Parle-G to the needy. This proved very helpful for the poor during the Coronavirus outbreak.

According to a report, in 1938, the domestic brand Parle-G achieved a unique position of selling the maximum number of biscuits during lockdown. Although Parle Products, makers of the Parle-G brand, refused to share specific sales numbers, they confirmed that March, April and May had been their best months in eight decades.

Mayank Shah, category head of Parle Products said, “We have increased our total market share to around 5% and 90% of this growth came from the sale of Parle-G. This is unprecedented.”

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