Corona Crisis Changed the Routine of People Living in Homes For a Long Time, Brought Many Diseases

Mumbai : These days, you may have faced physical problems like fatigue, headache and tingling in legs-hands, constipation and stomach pain. Many people may have inadvertently ignored them, but in reality this is being described as a sign of stress.

Doctors say that the stress caused by the epidemic along with the changed diet, less exercise, and long-term stress to the people living in the houses have suddenly given many diseases. If it becomes permanent then it can cause trouble later. So these need to be looked at immediately.

Tingling in the Extremities Due to Nervousness
Nowadays, many people are contacting doctors who were healthy earlier. But now suddenly some unusual physical pain or disease has started bothering them. Doctors say that such problems are often caused by the stresses of the body. When we feel nervous or under pressure, epinephrine, the adrenaline hormone, starts coming out.

This causes the body to push the entire blood towards vital organs like brain and heart. Because of this, blood starts to get away from the last parts of the extremities. Due to which the tingling starts in the fingers. Doctors say that tingling in the fingers of the hand can also be a symptom of stroke. This has also been seen in many corona patients. So don’t ignore it.

Gastric Attack – Vomiting – Diarrhea Problem
Along with abdominal discomfort due to stress, sudden sweating and shivering may also be felt. In 2013, researchers from Singapore, US, and Switzerland observed tension, nervousness, and depression in 37 men undergoing training over the course of six weeks of training period.  Due to this, they started having stomach problems. Experts say that similarly people who are terrified of corona during their stay in their homes can suffer stomach ailments due to changing diet and less exercise. In such a situation, they may suffer from nausea, gastric attack, cramps and vomiting diarrhea. In addition, constipation also occurs due to reduced intestinal activity due to less exercise.

Itching & Hair Fall
Skin diseases such as itching and psoriasis can also surround you due to physical stress. People with acne problems can have more problems. The main reason for this is the changes in hormones caused by stress. Doctors say that many times there is an increased risk of infection on the skin of the fingers covered under the fingers. At the same time, due to physical pain, the problem of hair fall also begins to emerge.

Pay Attention to Reduce Stress
If you also feel that you are going through stress then consult a doctor. Home remedies like exercise and meditation are also helpful in relieving stress.

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