Military Intelligence & Rajasthan Police Nabbed Two ISI Spies Selling Army Info to ISI, Pakistan

New Delhi : Today on Monday, the Military Intelligence and Rajasthan Police have arrested 2 agents working for Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. Two ISI agents have been arrested from Bikaner.  two Pakistani spies named Vikas Kumar (29 years) and Chiman Lal (22 years) have been arrested. Audio tapes of ISI spies have also been recovered. An audio tape of the spies’ conversation with the Pakistani handler has been recovered.

In the audio tape, the Pakistani handler was seeking information about the army’s ammunition. It is being told that the both Pakistani spies had been spying on the army since August 2019 and were giving military intelligence.

Both the Ammunition Depot in Shri Ganganagar and MMFR in Bikaner are strategically important military installations in the Western front of India. In August, 2019, the MI Lucknow through its sleuths, had learnt about the espionage agent, Vikas Kumar who was passing military information to his handlers in Pakistan.

Kumar was cultivated by a Multan-based female Pakistani Intelligence Operative (PIO), on Facebook. The PIO ran a pseudonymous Facebook account, pretending to be a Hindu woman ‘Anoshka Chopra’ based in India.

The MI unit ascertained that Kumar was passing military information related to ORBAT (Order of Battle; composition and order of a military fighting formation), ammunition (photos, state, quantity, type, arrival, departure), units coming for firing practice/ military exercise to MFFR, personality traits of senior army officers in lieu of money. It was also found that Kumar was receiving payments in three of his own and his brother’s bank accounts.

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