Horror! Police Officers Beat Man To Death For Not Wearing Mask, Protests Erupt in Mexico 

Mexico : A video of police brutality in Mexico is going viral on social media. Giovanni López, 30yo was found beaten to death hours after he was arrested by police officers for not wearing a mask in public.

Several hours after the video of the incident went viral, people took to the streets and started protesting against police brutality. During this, there were clashes between several policemen and protesters. The incident occurred in Mexico’s second largest city of Guadalajara, sparking public anger and a scuffle with police during the protest.

Giovanni’s brother Cristian López had recorded the video on his phone and he was proposed about six and a half lakh rupees for not making the video public. Christian said that ‘we had gone out to eat dinner and the police were beating those who were not wearing masks on their faces.

At the same place, there was an aunt of deceased man who was constantly arguing with the police that they could not arrest Giovanni without any crime, he did nothing wrong. With the help of neighbors, Giovanni’s family were able to talk to the mayor, assuring that Giovanni would be released by 10 am on May 5.

But the news of Giovanni’s death was found at ten o’clock at night, after which his family left to get his body. His aunt noticed that Giovanni had a bullet in his leg and there were bruises on many body parts.

Protesters clashed with police officers outside the Government Palace in Guavadalajara. In which patrol vehicles were burnt and graffiti was done against the police on building. A video of this is going viral on social media. According to media reports, in one of the videos, the protester threw a flammable substance at a policeman sitting on a motorcycle. To stop the protest, police beat up the protesters with sticks and released tear gas on them.

On May 4, 30-year-old Giovanni Lopez was detained by municipal police officers in the city of De Los Membrillos near Guadalajara. Lopez’s relatives arrived at the police station looking for him but they were told that he has been taken to a hospital in Guadalajara.

When relatives arrived at the hospital, they found Lopez’s body there. Lopez was shot in the leg and later on autopsy revealed that his head had been hit by a strong object after which he died and the video of the incident surfaced on Wednesday.

In this video, police officers are seen assaulting Lopez, although some others are also seen requesting his release. When a witness confidently asked the police whether anyone could be killed because of not wearing a mask, in response, an officer said that he was opposing him.

Although the policemen responsible for Giovanni’s death have not yet been dismissed from their posts, the city’s prosecutor Girardo Octavio said that the police would have to explain in detail why the police had to use force.

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