Preparation for big move… The marriage age of the girl will be fixed again, the government has entrusted the responsibility on the task force

NEW DELHI : Modi government is very serious about girls becoming mothers and their marriage. Remember that Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had said in her budget speech that a task force would be formed to advise the woman on the right age to become a mother. Currently, the minimum age for marriage of a girl is 18 years, and for a boy 21 years.

Actually, a decision of the Supreme Court in October 2017 could be the reason for this exercise of the government. The court had said that child marriage should be considered completely illegal to protect the girl from marital rape. The Supreme Court had left the government to decide the minimum age for marriage. On the other hand, it is being said that if the legal age of becoming a mother is fixed at 21 years, then the number of years of a woman’s ability to have children will automatically decrease.

Task Force will report: A task force has been formed under the leadership of Jaya Jaitley, whose main task will be to review how much marriage and motherhood is related to the health and nutrition of women and their child. The task force will submit its report on 31 July. In addition to Jaya Jaitley, the task force includes Dr. VK Paul, Member (Health) NITI Aayog, Secretary of Higher Education, School Education, Health, Women and Child Development, Legislative Department besides academicians Najma Akhtar, Vasudha Kamat, and Deepti Shah.

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