Total Corona Cases in Maharashtra Exceeds 72 Thousand; 42,216 Cases in Mumbai City Alone

Mumbai : Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra are continuously increasing. There have been 2287 positive cases of coronavirus in the state in last 24 hours. Now the total cases in Maharashtra have increased to 72,300. Out of which 38,493 are active cases and 2465 people have died.

So far, a total of 31,333 in Maharashtra have been fully recovered. If we talk about Mumbai, then in the last 24 hours, 1117 new patients were found and 49 people died. So far, 42 thousand 216 cases have been reported in Mumbai city. Out of which 38,493 are active cases and 2465 people have died.

1.21 lakh cases registered during lockdown, 23,651 people detained

So far, a total of 1,21,230 cases have been registered and 23,651 arrested under Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code for violating rules during lockdown in Maharashtra. An official gave this information on Tuesday.

He said that 258 cases of assault on police personnel were reported while enforcing the lockdown, for which 838 people were detained. He said that 706 people were caught for breaking the rules of isolation.

Official said, “99,516 calls were received from across the state in various police control rooms regarding the infection. Police registered 1,330 cases of illegal transport, seized 77,435 vehicles and fine recovered of Rs 6.22 crore.”

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