Joe Biden Attacks US President, Said- Trump is Fanning ‘the Flames of Hate

Philadelphia : Politics has intensified over the death of African-American George Floyd in police torture in the US. Potential presidential candidate Joe Biden from the Democratic Party during a speech in Philadelphia on the topic of ‘Unrest in America’ said that arrogance for Trump was more important than leading the country. Biden said the time has come to deal with racism and deep economic inequality that has taken root in the system.

He said that the country cannot wait for elections and its results till November. In his speech of more than twenty minutes, he said that the President is increasing the problem further by being part of it. Trump had threatened the governors of the states that they would deploy forces in the states if they failed to stop the violent protests over the death of George Floyd.

Biden gave this speech a day later of this. It is being told that while police under the federal government were dispersing peaceful demonstrations in Washington using tear gas, President Donald Trump went to the nearby St. John’s Church to photograph with the Bible. The church was damaged during Sunday’s demonstrations.

Biden said, “The president was busy photographing in front of the church when people who were holding peaceful demonstrations outside the White House were being dispersed using tear gas and flash grenades.” He said, “The work of the President is difficult. Nobody can fix everything. Neither do I. But I promise you that I will not let fear and division spread. I will not allow to add fuel in this fire of hate.’

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