Welcome to New Morning of ‘Unlock 1’ After 68 Days of Lockdown, Know What Will Open & What Will Remain Closed

New Delhi : Lockdown implemented due to Coronavirus is slowly unlocking from today in India. This is named as Unlock 1 instead of lockdown 5. Recently, the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs, allowed to resume all activities outside the Containment Zone. At the same time, the lockdown is extended till 30 June in the Containment Zone. According to government regulations, people will no longer need a pass to go from one state to another.

At the same time, Lockdown 5 has been extended from June 1 to June 30 in most states. But, all kinds of restrictions have been relaxed with strictness. The ban has been partially lifted to allow for the movement of people and to open shops and markets. However, restrictions will remain in force in the COVID-19 containment area. This exemption has been given to speed up economic activities.

What will open in Unlock-1
– Today, the railway will run 200 trains, which will enable about one and a half lakh passengers to travel. Booking of these trains has already been done.

– People trapped in one place from two months will be able to move anywhere in the state. It will also be allowed to go from one state to another. There will be no need of any pass.

– Many states had their borders sealed in lockdown. The central government has ordered states to open borders but with conditions.

– In some states, buses will run from today, although states have the right to set rules for this.

– Hotels will open from June 8, except in some states, restaurants, malls and religious places will open from June 8.

What will remain closed –
– Metro service will not start.

– Cinema halls will not open.

– Swimming pools will not open.

– Entertainment Park, bars not open.

– Social, political, cultural and sports programs won’t be approved.

– All activities will be completely banned from 9 am to 5 am. These activities will be opened outside the Containment Zone.

The decision has not yet been taken on these –
– There has been no decision taken on international flight.

– Auditorium, theater has not been decided yet to open.

In addition, there are instructions for the elderly, pregnant women above 65 years and children below 10 years to stay in the house.

– Spitting in public places will be prohibited.

– In Unlock 1, those who step out will have to cover their face and follow the rules of social distance.

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