Two Officials of Pak High Commission Caught Spying, Order to Leave India in 24 Hours

New Delhi : Two officers of the Pakistani High Commission have been arrested on charges of spying. India has declared both as Persona-Non-Greta. Both have been asked to leave India by Monday. In this regard, an objection has also been issued to the Deputy Ambassador of Pakistan, which has been asked to ensure that no member of Pakistan’s diplomatic mission indulge in anti-India activities and behave inconsistently with its position.

Abid Hussain and Tahir Hussain, caught red-handed from Karol Bagh in Delhi, work in the Visa section of the High Commission. The Foreign Ministry says that both were caught by Indian law enforcement officials. The agency had been eyeing these two officers for months. It is being told that these two used to target army personal and their list was given by ISI.

At the same time, on this big action, Pakistan has on the contrary accused India of conspiracy. Pakistan has said that action has been taken under pre-plan, which is a part of the anti-Pakistan propaganda.

Aadhaar card has the address of Geeta Colony
Abid, who works in the Pakistani High Commission, has the Aadhar card named Nasir Gautam of Geeta Colony, Delhi. Abid and Tahir used to target army personnel and call themselves Indian. On this, the ISI was given a list of all the people to target.

The task of the arrested Javed was to take Abid and Tahir to different areas in Delhi. Documents were also made for them by Javed. Javed was a driver in the High Commission, but was spying for the ISI.

Classified secret documents found
Classified secret documents have been found from them. The team of Special Cell is finding out from where they got these documents. According to the sources of the special cell, these people tried to target many army personnel. Now they will be detected.

Went to Karol Bagh for the meeting
The agency had been keeping a watch on these two officers for months. On Sunday, they Visa Assistants went for a meeting in Karol Bagh area. According to sources, the trio went here to target an army soldier, but before that the intelligence team caught them. At the same time, according to senior officials, the process of handing the two to the Pakistan High Commission through MEA is going on. Inquiries have been made. So many evidences have been found.

Pak High Commission staff was arrested in 2016 too
Earlier in 2016, an officer working in the Pakistan High Commission was arrested for illegally obtaining sensitive documents. The government also issued a persona-non grata against the said officer and sent him back to Pakistan.

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