Police Constable Raped Woman, Truth Came Out After Marriage

Jalgaon : Young woman went to work in the fields was raped by the owner of the farm, Kailas Tukaram Dhadi (Res. Lonwadi, Ta. Jalgaon). The victim is three months pregnant.

The accused is serving as constables in the Kailas district police force. In this case, the victim has lodged a complaint with the MIDC police station. Police has registered a rape case against the accused.

According to sources, Kailas Dhadi is a resident of Lonavadi. In October 2019, a 19-year-old girl from the village was going to harvest cotton from her farm when Kailas raped her. He threatened to kill her if she complained. Fearing this, the victim did not say anything to anyone. Meanwhile, Kailas raped the victim several times.

After this incident, the victim married on 24 May 2020. Her health deteriorated on 28 May when she was admitted by her husband and father-in-law to a private hospital in Chennai, where she found  3 months’ pregnant. The victim then informed her husband and father-in-law about the incident. After which she came to her home and lodged a complain at the MIDC police station at night. The police team is currently looking for the accused.

Kailas Dhadi is working in the district police force. In 2018, he was transferred from MIDC Police Station to Pahur. However, no information has been found yet. The police is busy in finding information about him. There are more cases against the accused in the police records.

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