High Threat of Corona Community Transmission in India, Government Fails : National Task Force

New Delhi : The fifth phase of lockdown has started in the country from today. Meanwhile, experts in India have now also expressed the danger of community transmission of coronavirus. Experts of the National Task Force set up to prevent corona infection have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that there is now a community transmission of corona in many zones of India, so it would be wrong to believe that it is possible to control corona at the present situation. Members of the National Task Force on COVID-19 have also criticized the government’s attitude in dealing with the Corona infection.

Possible evidence of community transmission in India was also found earlier. In April, India’s Medical Research Organization ICMR pointed this out. However, it was ignored by the Health Ministry then. In April, the National Task Force constituted a committee to monitor the Corona epidemic.

Experts from AIIMS, BHU, JNU wrote to PM
On May 25, three well-known medical institutions have written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi criticizing the modalities adopted by the Center to control the Corona epidemic. Those who wrote letters to Prime Minister Modi include former advisors of the Ministry of Health, former and current professors of AIIMS, BHU, JNU. Dr. DCS Reddy is also among those who signed this letter. Dr. Reddy heads the committee set up to study the corona.

Criticism of strict lockdown rules
In a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, these experts have termed the lockdown as cruel and said that India is now paying the price for the rigorous lockdown, lack of coordination in policies. The letter reads, “To think that the coronavirus can be controlled at this stage would be beyond reality, as community transmission has started completely in many clusters of India.”

Workers should have got permission to go home
In the letter to the PM, it has been said that if at the beginning of this epidemic, when the pace of infection was low, the workers would have been allowed to go home, then the current situation could have been avoided. The workers returning from the cities are now taking the infection to every corner of the country, this will affect the rural areas, where health systems are not as successful. It has been said in this statement that if the Indian government had taken the opinion of the infection experts in the beginning, then the situation could have been controlled more effectively.

Dr. Shashikant, Head of Community Medicine and Member of Research Group at AIIMS, Delhi, has also signed the letter. He said, “This letter is a joint statement issued by three medical institutions, it is not a private opinion.”

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