Green Signal to Shootings of Films & TV Shows with Necessary Guidelines

Mumbai : Since March, due to Coronavirus, there is a lockdown implemented across the country. However, the lockdown is being relaxed with necessary conditions and guidelines. With this, shooting of films and TV serials will start again. The film and TV industry is locked since the month of March. Now the Maharashtra government has allowed shooting with the guidelines. The new rules for this are as follows:

Restrictions have been put on the sets of film and TV serials, which have to be followed by everyone. According to the new guidelines, no person above the age of 65, pregnant women, actors or staff partners etc. can come on the set. It is necessary to have doctors, nurses and ambulances on every film set and should be treated immediately if anyone gets corona positive.

On set, no one is allowed to shake hands, kiss or greet with a hug. One is not allowed to use others makeup. Also it is important to wash dirty clothes daily. It has also been asked to reduce the items used on the sets.

It is important to keep every kind of cleanliness on the sets. No more than 5 people can live in a tent at one time. Shooting of big sequences in movies or serials like wedding etc. is forbidden. Everyone has to strictly follow social distancing.

Look test and casting on video call or conference
Only 33% of the staff on any set is allowed. Each member will wash their hands with soap and water before entering the set, replace the clothes worn during travel and work by wearing newly cleaned clothes. Along with this, the staff members will also have to remove their shoes and slippers and wear new footwear and socks, which they will bring from their home.

According to the guidelines, if possible, casting, look test and meeting should be done on video call, video conference, FaceTime or Skype. Artists have to try to get ready at their home and do not bring much staff on the set. Actors are allowed to bring with them a staff member who can do both hair and makeup. Along with this, the actors have also been asked to do all kinds of fittings at home.

Artists have been advised to bring food from their home. There will be less Junior Artist on the sets. All members will bring their identity card. Also, they have to get permission from the police to travel to the sets and show the ID.

Makeup artist must wear PPE kit
Actors have to bring some costumes for themselves, which they can wear on the shoot. It is important to have a sanitizer at the place of printing, also it would be better if less people touch the script or copy of something. Talent and makeup artists are required to wash their hands before and after their sessions.

Also it is necessary to use a different makeup brush, hair brush and comb for every actor. It is also important to keep hem sanitized. Artists will be required to wear PPE kit during hair and makeup, so that they will be safe even when different people come into contact. It would be better if actors themselves manage to do the hair from personal salon or makeup-artist.

Hair and makeup artists must wear a face shield. Otherwise there should be a 6-foot distance between the hair and makeup station. Disposable kit should be used at the time of make-up, so that it can be thrown away after use and the next time the makeup can be done with fresh kit.

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